Who am I?

The blog.

My name is Céline. I am French with far Armenian origins and I have always been passionate about two things: interior design and sustainable entrepreneurship.

For the last ten years I have been carefully reading and trying out many home decor trends and Do It Yourself videos, while helping entrepreneurs, large companies and cities to set up social and environmental innovation projects in France and foreign (www.latelierpositif.fr).

Whether it is cosmetics, fashion or design, I truly believe slow is now the only way to produce and consume. The same way I am trying to keep myself as far as possible from fast fashion, I take an interest in what a lot of designers or platforms are trying to achieve today in terms of sustainability in the interior design world, whether it is sustainably produced new items or vintage ones.

I created this blog to share my discoveries and hopefully have a discussion about slow design and inspire action.

The Armenian handicraft.

I have always been amazed at how beautiful and refined Armenian handicraft is shown in museums and yet how as a tourist or as an Armenian citizen you have almost nothing nowadays to bring to your home.

The genocide and the earthquake may have defeated a good part of our historical arts and crafts but Armenia is still full of talented artists and artisans.

My husband, my cute little daughter and I have been living between Yerevan and Paris since 2019. My goal for 2020 is to meet as many Armenian craftspeople as possible and let their talents shine through this blog.

Slow design

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