Get to know me

My name is Céline. I am French, born and raised. But with Armenian origins, like lots of people.

As it so happened, I fell in love with an Armenian man the very first day I came to visit the country of my ancestors during a world trip.

A few years later, the Velvet Revolution happened in Armenia, and here I am in 2019, married and mother of a 7 months old cute little girl, searching from Paris for an apartment in Yerevan for my family to settle and grow our companies here.

Let’s make something clear: I am no professional interior designer. But I have always been passionate about two things: interior design and collective entrepreneurship. For the last 10 years I have been carefully reading and trying out many home decor trends and Do It Yourself videos, while helping entrepreneurs, large companies and cities to set up social innovation projects (

Nos belles choses really is the combination of these two. I have been amazed at how beautiful and fine traditional Armenian handicraft was in museums and how at the same time as a tourist you have almost nothing to bring back to your modern home as a souvenir…

I think it is time to shake it all and show off our talents, our arts and crafts, our historical know-how, in a way people crave for.

Of course, I can’t do this alone. I want to build Nos belles choses on a solid collective of Armenian artists and artisans to let their talents talk through a line of modern interior design items.

Let’s get this enterprise going people!

I hope you enjoy the content of this blog, as a home decor lover and/or as a proud Armenian.

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