Slow design

Sustainable interior design

Slow design.

Nowadays I am convinced that it is not only a responsibility anymore but a necessity for any new and old brand to either be a sustainable one or not exist at all.
This isn’t easy, especially for older brands, but it is possible for designers to sustain themselves while offering quality timeless pieces, sustainably produced, created in good working conditions and involving its customers in the process.
Therefore, this blog could only be about sustainable interior design.

'Our beautiful things.'

Beautiful things. Because this is what home decor is to me: the possibilities of surrounding yourself with beautiful stuff that make you and your loved ones feel good, creative, and peaceful.
Ours. Because the treasures displayed in this blog are’nt mine. They are those of hundreds of artists and artisans across the globe and time. In particular, because I am French with far Armenian origins, some of them are those of Armenian people, from the diaspora or the Motherland.

What you'll find here

Vintage interior

My worldwide pick of interiors inspiration, sustainable trends and responsible designers

Recycled chairs
Handmade clay bowl
Handmade metalwork

A carefully curated display of handmade design items, especially from Armenian handicraft

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